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Melbourne's Used Forklift Specialists


We stock an impressive range of fully guaranteed used forklifts in our factory showroom, conveniently located in the eastern industrial area of Melbourne. All our forklifts are factory tested and thoroughly inspected before acceptance for sale, guaranteeing you a machine which is primed and ready for work, immediately upon delivery.

Our used forklifts are well maintained and serviced- often by our own expert forklift mechanic. They come from great owners who have simply changed their warehousing or yard system and realised that the machine is no longer suited to the new premises they operate from.

If you need a forklift today, one of our fleet can be delivered to your workplace on short notice for any type of job.

Forklift servicing is recorded in a log book, and regular maintenance of a pre-owned machine means you won't be buying trouble or problems.

Used Toyota Forklifts, Nissan Forklifts and more, make up our range of stock ready to go.

Melbourne's Premier Forklift Supplier

We've supplied the best collection of second hand forklifts to our customers, for over 30 years.

We only deal in the best forklifts.

Peoples' forklift needs change and evolve over time. Having GRJ Forklifts as your forklift dealer means you'll always be able to speak with us about changes to your freight, stock or pallet handling and get a great deal on a factory-tested used forklift when you need one.

Our forklift dealership prides itself on exceptional customer service, and a thorough understanding of matching the right machine to your workplace.

We Sell Reconditioned, Refurbished Forklifts

We thoroughly inspect all forklfts for structural and mechanical integrity, as well as safety compliance. You can often get a fantastic bargain, by purchasing a reconditioned or refurbished forklift from us. The machine will be reliable, tested and guaranteed, and you'll save money and get the best deal on a forklift that won't let you down.

Whether you're into food handling, rough terrain yard work, warehouse stock handling or factory-based frieght and pallet stacking, browse some of our used forklifts which are available today- and ready now. These machines have been immacualtely maintained. They are available for inspection at our factory now, and can be ordered with just a phone call!

Browse a sampling of our range of or call us on 0474 588 194, to get up to date information on the most recent additions to our fleet.

When you buy a pre-owned forklift from GRJ, we can tailor a package for you, designed to take care of servicing, ongoing maintenance and all routine mechanical work.

Used 1.8t Mitshubishi Forklift for Sale

If you've been looking for the Mitsubishi, Grendia forklifts, we've got one right here, for sale in Melbourne.
This forklift truck boasts a 3.7 meter two stage mast with sideshift attachment.
It has a 1.8 tonne lift capacity, and is an agile, easy to drive machine.
Solid tyres means no more punctures- so you can drive it and work on surfaces which have nails, splinters and debris.
Automatic transmission means this one's easy to drive. It also comes with lighting, ideal for late night work, when you have to get jobs out in a hurry.

Price $10,000 + GST neg


Used 8 Series 3.5t Toyota Delux Forklift For Sale Now

This Toyota current model 8 series forklift has sideshift, and a 4.5 meter, 2 stage clear view mast.

It's reliably built- tough and ready for work. It has automatic transmission, and runs on solid tyres- so you can use it without fear of punctures.
Forklift driver comfort is taken care of, with a full suspension seat.
It has a 3.5 tonne capacity, comes with very low hours, full lighting and a swing-out gas cradle, making refuelling a breeze.

Price $16,000 + GST neg


Used 2.5 Tonne Hyster Forklift, Low Low Hours

Pre-owned Hyster 2.5 tonne capacity forklift, with 4.750 meter lift, sideshift attachment, 3 stage container mast Also, has a 4th valve for an extra attachment.

This unit can work in areas where puncture risk is high, because it has solid tyres.
A full suspension seat provides driver comfort.
This used forklift has automatic transmission, and is a pleasure to drive, with excellent handling characteristics.

Price $17,990 + GST neg


Used Fork Lift Sales- All Secondhand Forklifts Delivered Free in Melbourne Metro

If you need to buy a forklift, our range of guaranteed, mechanically sound used forklifts should be at the top of your browsing list today. All our forklifts have been selected for their reliability and come ready for immediate work. Any used forklifts sold by GRJ are delivered free throughout Melbourne metropolitan areas. We have warehouse forklifts, container stuffers, yard trucks as well as electric forklifts, which are sealed units- just the machine for working at markets where food is handled. See more from our range of second hand forklifts for sale to find the one just right for you.

Buy One Used Forklift- or a Complete Fleet

You might need a number of forklifts if you run a busy warehouse and yard, and work within containers too. Forklifts have different lift capacities, they have different tine lengths for specialised stock handling. Some machines can be turned easily and quickly- they are more agile than others. Forklifts can also work within containers, stacking pallets, emptying or filling containers.

Some have free lift masts, other forklifts have container masts- the variables exist because the perfect forklift for one job is not always the perfect machine for another task.

Second hand forklifts can be modified- to make your work easier.

Our extensive experience in matching the perfect forklift to the job or site is your assurance of getting exactly what you need to work smoothly, without fuss or hassle. We will find a forklift or many forklifts- to help you get the job done and keep your business moving.

Melbourne Forklift Dealer- GRJ Forklifts Why Buy from Us?
  • FREE Delivery in Melbourne Metro
  • Reliability & Expert Knowledge of Forklifts and Applications
  • Access to Australia Wide Suppliers- Quick Delivery
  • Complete Care Plans Available
  • Competitive Prices
  • Quality, Reliable Forklifts
  • Machines can be custom built to order
Used Forklift from GRJ Melbourne


Skilled, Qualified Expert Repairs and Maintenance

If you rely on your forklift constantly to keep stock moving, it makes sense to maintain the machine in perfect working order. regular services, scheduled maintenance and an immediate investigation of any anomalies or unusual behaviour will save you thousands of dollars later, if a fault or pending breakdown is detected early.

Being without a forklift creates havoc- work piles up, stock doesn't move and clients get angry. Look after any forklifts you might have, with the right ongoing mechanical attention from a qualified expert, and avoid unwanted breakdowns. If you've got a forklift which refuses to start, read about some of the most common causes of forklift engines failing to start, on our forklift repair page now.
Perhaps one of the mechanical problems outlined there relates to your forkift.

After Sales Service- Our Forklift Servicing and Maintenance Keep You Going

If your forklift needs maintenance or servicing we can help too! Our qualified forklift mechanic provides repairs to all mechanical components- engine, lifting gear, tine replacement and everything electrical to do with forklifts. We offer qualified, expert forklift maintenance, parts replacement and regular safety inspections to keep everything working so your business runs without expensive down time.


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