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Hire Forklifts Available for Immediate Rental or Lease Today


We offer a small selection of rental forklifts from our hire or lease fleet, here on this page. If you need to hire a forklift on short notice, we can often have a machine out to you the same day, if you call us by 10a.m.
If you are based in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, or the South East or Northern suburbs, we can often have a forklift loaded and delievered to your workplace, even if you call us later than 10 a.m.

If it's your first time hiring a forklift, we can provide you with a free onsite inspection to ensure the right machine comes to you. We assess the work environment, load characteristics and any hazards you need to be aware of. This will enable us to guide you to making a smarter, safer choice of forklift.

For a comprehensive range of forklifts for hire, follow this link to the hire forklifts Melbourne website. You'll see more machines there, and tell them GRJ sent you!

A safer workplace is more productive, and happier employees get more work done.

Lease the Forklift of Your Choice

One of the great advantages of leasing a machine is that you own the forklift at the end of the leasing period- which is usually 5 years. This means you will have grown accustomed to the machine and how it fits into your workplace and operating environment. Your forklift operator will have become familiar with the unit, and a smooth transition into forklift ownership takes place.

Lease any of the forklifts shown below, or simply call 0474 588 194 for precise, helpful forklift leasing information and advice.

Forklifts for Hire and Delivery in Melbourne Today

The following machines can be hired today. Our driver can deliver the machine to you and the forklift can be working a short time after delivery. If there's a particular configuration of machine you're after and you can't see it here, call us! it's likely that we will have one for you that hasn't been listed online yet.
All forklifts out on hire, are delivered with a full tank of fuel to get you working immediately. All forklifts hired or leased from GRJ are certified, tested and maintained by us during the hire period. If your forklift will be working at night or in dark environments, full lighting makes the job a lot easier.

Browse the forklifts below, call 0474 588 194 for immediate assistance with hiring the best forklift for your situation.

Yale GLP15Ak Veracitor Forklift

Yale GLP15Ak Veracitor ForkliftThis forklift is available for immediate hire. It is a 2009 model- current model Yale, with sideshift attachment, and lifts 1250KGs at 4.034 meters, on a 2-stage clearview mast. This forklift is an LPG powered unit-0 with a swing out, drop down gas bottle cradle. It features automatic transmission, full lighting and OHS compliance, as well as a suspension seat for operator comfort. It has low hours- approx 1500- and is reliable and ready for work.


Nissan Yard Truck, 3 Tonne "J" Series Forklift

Nissan Yard Truck, 3 Tonne This forklift is a Nissan J series yard truck, and it runs on pneumatic yard tyres. It has a sideshift attachment, on a 4.3 meter three stage container mast, which boasts full free lift! Five valves with quick-release fittings provide easy attachment points for futute additions. A weight gauge is fitted- as well as a suspension seat for driver comfort. This is a low hours machine- just 4002 hours. Auto transmission and full lighting complete this forklift hire package- ready for work, and you can have it delivered today!


Toyota 2.5 Tonne Yard Truck, Free Lift Container Mast

Toyota 2.5 Tonne Yard Truck, Free Lift Container MastThis rugged and dependable Toytoa Model: 42-7FG-25 yard truck forklift has a capacity of 2.5 Tonnes, and can work in yards, factories and containers- which means you have a very versatile "all-rounder" suitable for rough terrain and container stuffing. The 4.3 meter, three stage mast with full free lift has flexibility to stack loads in containers. The machine has full lighting, automatic transmission and a comfy suspension seat. Be impressed and delighted with the dependability of the 4Y Toyota engine, which is legendary for toughness among forklifts.


Hyster Model 1.7 Tonne Forklift

Hyster model 1.7 tonne forklift for hire MelbourneAvailable for immediate delivery, ready for work.

This compact little Hyster forklift has a 5 metre two-stage clear view mast with side shift and is a great asset for factories and warehouses and can also work outside. Being a compact forklift it will allow you to work around smaller warehouses or factories without any problems as it has a great turning circle and is very handy in tight spots.

This Hyster is also comes with full lighting. It's powered by bottled gas and is ready for work.


Toyota Forklift 2.5 Tonne Forklift

hire 2.5 tonne factory warehouse toyota forklift, MelbourneThis Toyota 2.5 tonne 7 series late model forklift has all you need for easy load placement.

Perfect for factory or warehouse use, this Toyota forklift features a very handy 5 metre two stage clear view mast which gives the operator clear vision when working. Full lighting is included.

The forklift is also fitted with side shift, it has solid tyres and is a "dual fuel" unit.

This forklift will work well on firm surfaces outside..


Toyota Container Forklift

Toyota 1.8 tonne 4.3 meter, three stage mast forklift for hire Melbourne Hire this late model Toyota 1.8 Tonne forklift in Melbourne now! It has a 4.3 metre three stage container mast with full free lift and side shift, allowing the operator to access the top pallet if the pallets are stacked too high in the container.

Having free-lift makes this possible because the overall height of the mast assembly does not change.

This makes it perfect for importers, exporters and those who rely on forklifts both in and out of containers.
It's a versatile forklift- a great all-rounder.


Hyster Compact Warehouse Forklift

Late model Hyster machine for warehouse workCurrent model 1.8 Tonne Hyster compact forklift for hire- perfect for all factory and warehouse work.

This little unit will lift 4.390 metres and is fitted with a side shift attachment. It runs on solid tyres, impervious to factory rubbish and debris.

It is compact and easy to manouevre around in smaller factories and warehouses and work outside on firm surfaces.

This Hyster is ready for hire in Melbourne right now- and comes with full lighting.


Nissan Yard Truck Forklift

Nissan late model yard truck forklift for hire MelbourneThis Nissan late model three tonne yard truck comes with a 4.3 meter lift, three stage container mast and is also fitted with a side shifting, tyne positioner attachment.

This allows the operator to remain seated on the forklift and postion the tynes without having to exit the truck. Pneumatic yard tyres have been fitted- making this hire forklift perfect for outdoor and indoor work- especially in low-roof places like carparks.

This hire forklift comes with full lighting.


Toyota Forklift for Warehouse Work

toyota forklift for hire Melbourne, suits factory warehouse workThis Toyota 8-series forklift is perfect for factory or warehouse work.

It is fitted with a 5.5 metre three stage mast, side shift attachment. The forklift has full lighting.

Having a low mast allows you to work under lower door heights and beneath mezzanine floors. The forklift has solid tyres and is a duel fuel forklift, which means it can be filled with either bottled LPG or petrol.

The compact design allows you to work in confined places.


Yale Container Forklift

This Yale 2.5 tonne forklift comes with a 4.5 meter three stage container mast with full free lift and a side shift attachment.
This configuration allows you to work in and out of containers, under low door heights and mezzanine floors. It is fitted with solid puncture proof tyres which are great for use on firm surfaces indoors and outside.

This Yale hire forklift has automatic transmission.

Bottled gas powers this forklift, and it comes with full lighting, Available for short or long term hire. Enquire today.


Forklift Leasing Gives You the Option to Buy

One of the advantages of leasing a forklift is that you have the option to buy the unit at end-of-lease.
This means you have a forklift that you're familiar with, your operater has grown accustomed to, and is just right for your workplace.
You'll also have an understanding of the history of the machine- so there won't be any question of reliability.

On-Demand Forklifts

If you need an extra forklift in a hurry, on short notice- your best option is to speak with us about hiring a unit to complete a job or fill containers which you have to get out fast. We're just at the other end of the phone, and can help you out if your machine has broken down or needs repair.
When you've got the warehouse emptied, filled those containers or stacked the stock in your factory, you simply return the forklift having paid only for the time that you were busy.
It makes better business sense to hire a forklift- and we are Melbourne's leading forklift hire company.

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