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Forklift Mechanical Repairs and Servicing to All Makes and Models

Do you have a forklift in need of repair? If your forklift is broken down, in need of mechanical attention or urgent parts replacement, we can help.
Our qualified forklift mechanic is based in Melbourne, and can attend to all your scheduled maintenance and book servicing at regular intervals. We offer log-book servicing, emergency breakdown attention, as well as major and minor mechanical repairs to all forklift makes and models. If your forklift won't start, or simply stopped without warning, we can despatch our fully equipped service van with full onsite diagnostic equipment to isolate and repair the problem and get you going again.

A well maintained forklift provides trouble-free operation, and saves you money by avoiding unscheduled repairs and emergency forklift breakdown callouts. Urgent forklift mechanical repairs are handled as a top priority by our highly experienced technicians.

We'll get your forklift fixed- whether it's a mechanical fault within the engine, a manual gearbox or automatic transmission concern, inoperative lifting gear- or a niggly electrical, gas or fuel problem.

Our expert forklift mechanical services and repairs cover all makes and models of forklifts. We repair, service and overhaul Toyota forklifts, Crown forklifts, as well as Hyster and Nissan Forklifts regularly in our Melbourne workshop.

Mechanical Problems to Avoid with Astute Forklift Maintenance

Here's a recent forklift mechanical service callout we had- hopefully it won't happen to you! Vigilant day-to-day maintenance and operator awareness of the machine would have prevented this problem.

We received a call to attend to a forklift that refused to start. The client had called their usual forklift repairer, and they were unable to help. Our forklift breakdown emergency mechanic went to the site and discovered that a flat battery was preventing the forklift truck from starting.

Forklift batteries don't suddenly go completely flat, so instead of just hooking up a charger or booster cells, our mechanic thoroughly investigated the likely cause of this failure.

It turned out that the forklift operator had run the machine out of gas. The forklift gas bottle was allowed to run completely dry, and the constant cranking and unsuccessful attempts at starting the machine, had completely drained the battery.

The three ingredients necessary for an engine to run- fuel, compression and ignition were not all present in this case. There was compression, but no fuel or ignition. A new gas bottle was fitted- we checked it was full- and the battery charged to normal service levels. We conducted a specific gravity test on the battery to ensure all was in order, and the forklift soon started easily.

Avoid these unnecessary callouts and inconveniences to your operations, by ensuring you have a spare fuel bottle on hand always.

Check your forklift fuel and liquids daily, and avoid problems like those shown here.

We Repair Any Fault on Any Forklift

All types of forklifts repairs- from minor adjustments and corrections to major overhauls can be booked by phone. Our mobile forklift mechanic can come to you, or for more involved mechanical work, we can bring your forklift to our fully equipped workshop. Perhaps your forklift needs repair for one of the following conditions- the most common causes of forklift breakdowns are listed below.

Gas Converter Freezing

Gas converters for LPG can freeze up and fail to convert gas vapour to liquid. The result is a frozen gas converter which is unable to supply the forklift engine with the right fuel. Ensure that there is ample coolant in the cooling system. Remember- coolant in the cooling system of a forklift doesn't just cool the engine. As the engine warms up, and warms the coolant, the coolant heats up the gas converter enabling the efficient conversion of LPG vapour to liquid fuel.

Forklift Gas Converter Failure

Gas converters in forklifts can fail over time. Age can eventually take its toll on a converter. Much will depend on how often the forklift is used, how efficiently the mixture hs been set and how consistent the maintenance and servicing has been. A forklift gas converter can also be faulty. We either replace the unit, or put a gasket kit through it, restoring the converter to operating condition. This will extend the life span of the gas converter.

A Common Electrical Problem: Gas Solenoid Failure

The solenoid acts as an intermediary, engaging the gas converter to pump liquified gas to the engine. If the operator turns the key to switch the forklift on, a faulty solenoid will not make that final bridge between the live power and gas converter. The operator continues to crank the engine, often to the point of flattening the battery. During this continuous cranking, the forklift engine is being starved of fuel, so it won't start.

Buy, Sell Used forklifts Melbourne Our Forklift Mechanics Can:
  • Provide Emergency Forklift Repairs
  • Provide Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Quote All Jobs Before Starting
  • Diagnose and Fix All Problems
  • Carry out Logbook Servicing
  • Ensure OHS Guidelines Are Met
  • Repair Forklifts Onsite
GRJ Forklifts, your used forklift specialist Melbourne


No LPG in Forklift Gas Tank

The three elements needed to start and run the engine should be present. These are: fuel, ignition and compression. Our forklift mechanic sees many instances of people frustrated with a forklift that won't start, and the problem turns out to be no fuel in the tank! That's right- an empty gas cylinder or fuel tank prevents the machine from starting. This is one of the most common answers to the question of "why won't my forklift start?".

Cylinder Heads and Gaskets

Our foklift mechanics report frequently details a failed cylinder head gasket, known colloquially as a "head gasket" or even a warped or cracked cylinder head. In either case, the cylinder head must come off the engine, and be machined to remove warping. Valves and valve seats must be reground, and excess carbon is removed. The head gasket replacement is part of a head repair. Even if the leak from the head gasket is only minor, the head should be checked for hairline cracks or warpage. Gaskets exist between two metal surfaces to seal imperfections, and it's best that the tolerances for inaccuracy in the metal surfaces are as small as possible.


Onsite Forklift Repairs in Melbourne

We can repair your forklift onsite, minimizing disruptions to your workflow. Scheduled servicing can be arranged for a time when your warehouse or load handling is quiet. This will ensure you lose as little productivity as possible. GRJ forklift mechanics can schedule a preventative maintenance program to keep your machine in perfect running order, this can be pre-booked for the days your workload is light.

If your forklift breaks down during a busy time, our forklift hire service can have a replacement machine out to you within the day, to keep your staff- and productivity working at full capacity. Just call 0474 588 194 for immediate attention.

If you would more information regarding our forklift mechanical services, then please feel free to complete our Enquiry Form, send us an Email or simply contact us direct. We are more than happy to help and look forward to providing a solution to all your forklift repair and maintenance needs.



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